FAQ- frequently asked questions

FAQ- frequency asked questions


What is the main purpose of the portal?

The main objective of the portal B24online is setting up a business communication platform for companies and businesses. In addition, aid in the development of business, and the promotion of deals, projects, services, and ideas of companies.


How B24online portal will contribute to my business?

By connecting the portal B24online.com your company can use a variety of services to a large and unique, such as a social network of entrepreneurs, professional advice, viral marketing, information on exhibitions, forums and competitions, the safety factor of the deal, innovative projects, search partners, bank-mail, B2B B2C commerce online stores, news, previews and analysis on various topics, and more. In addition,  as a member of society and a specialist in any field you can be a full partner in our community by publishing an article professionals in the field.


What information can I upload on the portal?

You can enter a virtually unlimited amount of information about your company and supply of goods and services. Moreover, you can create a personal portal site of your company which you are free to manage the needs of your business.


How can the portal upgrade my company?

On our website you can:

Place the flag of your company.

Publish Products on B2B and B2C stores.

Professional publishing of articles about your company.

Apply for a declaration place and review your company.

Selling advertising space on your website.

Share information products exhibitions, forums, conferences and seminars conducted by your company.


How the portal can be used by companies and SMEs?

B24online portal provides you with a unique opportunity to find investors and strategic partners, as well as the opportunity to receive professional advice from experts in various fields. In addition, the portal allows completely free to create your own website with exclusive design exterior, using a two level domain name, or your original domain.


Does the portal is intended for all manufacturing industries?

yes. It does not matter what your area of expertise and the products you sell your company. All information published on the portal is displayed on the front page of all its members and the relevant pages tensions in that area. At any given time you can turn the fields of industry and business partner search, to find a customer, to promote a product or service, regardless of whether what your company does.


What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

B2B is a market and trading operations of Business to Business.

B2C is a store offer products and services of private clients. (Buisness to client)


My company is not a member of the chamber of commerce, trade union or any industry. I can be registered?


yes. You can be listed, but will not have full modules are available in the portal. To make it work, you need to contact our manager or a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you want to be.