General advices

The main working lines are located on the left side of the page and full detail about all the possibilities offered by the portal. News, business offers, products for sale, search jobs (jobs), sending resumes, tenders, and other innovative projects.


In order to select the most relevant suggestions for you according to the country you are in, and according to your industry, you can use the "filter" button (details later in this guide). The general theme of the site is by pressing option (module) which have chosen to use the taskbar to the right (circled in red in the painting), then click on the "Add +" above them and then pass to the next portal where you enter all the details. Once you have finished entering all the information and product data feeds or relevant option in the portal and will be available to all users worldwide.


Use business community portal, through which you can communicate with business partners, investors and potential customers closing deals. Most users have been approved in advance by a pool of business and industry chambers of commerce and associations of entrepreneurs are official partners of the project. All project participants and visitors of the portal to see your company, therefore, write your massages in an interesting, attractive and detailed.



Languages is an international portal and used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. Language system supports seven languages and translates the text automatically into the language of the system you are using in your PC (windows) and display language. (If your windows in your pc is in english tehe text will display in english, so the case in Russian and other languages). The system language in which your operating system (windows) is using will default at the first entry portal, if you want to define a different the default language on the portal, change it on the top line and now it will be used as the default language. The system will remember the currently selected system language.


In the second line (at the bottom) you can select the language of the translation of texts that additional language portal you choose. As noted, the system language is displayed in the language of your software (windows), but texts and messages written by business owners or companies from another countrys will be shown in the original language written. Once you change the second line to the chosen language translation language, all text written in many languages will change automatically to the language you chose. (The system is supported by google translate).



Filter button

The "filter" button is one of the most important buttons on the system and lets you filter all business portal for those that are relevant to you. You can click on it to select businesses by countries, Occupation, Industry, and more.