Language support

Languages is an international portal and used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. Language system supports seven languages and translates the text automatically into the language of the system you are using in your PC (windows) and display language. (If your windows in your pc is in english tehe text will display in english, so the case in Russian and other languages). The system language in which your operating system (windows) is using will default at the first entry portal, if you want to define a different the default language on the portal, change it on the top line and now it will be used as the default language. The system will remember the currently selected system language.


In the second line (at the bottom) you can select the language of the translation of texts that additional language portal you choose. As noted, the system language is displayed in the language of your software (windows), but texts and messages written by business owners or companies from another countrys will be shown in the original language written. Once you change the second line to the chosen language translation language, all text written in many languages will change automatically to the language you chose. (The system is supported by google translate).